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About Aequatus Browser

Aequatus is an open-source homology browser developed with novel rendering approaches to visualise homologous, orthologous and paralogous gene structures from Ensembl Compara and Ensembl Core databases.

Dockerised version of Aequatus with sample dataset is available to use from GitHub

Citation Information:

If you are using Aequatus for any kind of research purpose Please cite us:

Thanki AS, Soranzo N, Haerty W, Herrero J, Davey RP. Aequatus: An open-source homology browser. GigaScience 2018.

User Guide

Aequatus user guide

The Aequatus is funded by RIPR and transPLANT supported by BBSRC strategic funds.

For any query regarding Aequatus please mail at:

Use cases
Aequatus using Ensembl REST API
Files: Example data